AFEC provides an ‘on-site supervision and sign-off’ for granted fire safety certificates. AFEC also carry out Building Regulation and Code Compliance Audits for clients to ensure that when purchasing or leasing a property all legislative requirements are in place.
General On Site Supervision Services Opinion / Certificate of Compliance:
AFEC provide an on-site supervision service and associated sign-off with building regulations i.e. an opinion of compliance with the building regulations which is required on completion of any project.
AFEC creates a tailored schedule of site visits and inspections and acts as an integral member of the design team to ensure certification.

Code Compliance Process:

AFEC will determine the buildings current situation in relation to fire by requesting a fire cert (should one exist) and reviewing the building. AFEC will then prepare a Building Regulations Compliance Report outlining the buildings current situation;

Should upgrades be necessary:

AFEC can act in a project management capacity and Provide Construction Stage Services and Signoff.
The Building Regulations Compliance Report is a key design requirement in which compliance with the functional requirements of the regulations need to be demonstrated.