Corporate Responsibility
About Us

AFEC strives to uphold high ethical standards in all our worldwide endeavours. We lead by example and act responsibly to make a positive contribution to our communities. Our approach to corporate social responsibility applies to all of our activities and is governed by the following:


Our values sit at the core of everything we do. In addition to challenging us to go the extra mile for our clients and employees, these values embrace leadership and integrity, ensuring that we always operate openly, transparently and honestly.


At AFEC, our ongoing mission is to have the best health and safety record in the industry. To this end, we employ a strategy of training and development, risk assessment and preparation, behavioural change, and continuous improvement, all the while engaging with our stakeholders in a collaborative and supportive manner.


We strive to create opportunity for our people, clients and communities. We believe that sustainability is a sensitive balance between commercial success and a responsibility to society and the environment.


In order to continue to employ the best people and promote diversity in the workplace, we grow intelligently to create opportunity. In addition to providing benefits and remuneration packages that rival the top of the industry, we make key decisions to expand and grow into new sectors, services and regions in order to offer the greatest opportunities to our employees.


AFEC has an enviable track record of delivering projects in a way that maximises the benefit to local communities worldwide and develops construction solutions that consider the long-term impact on the communities in which we work. We create opportunities for local people to become involved in the projects we deliver and inform the industry’s approach to social inclusion.