Distressed Project Recovery

At times when the quality is unacceptable, or the schedule is beyond control, the budget has raged beyond parameters or other issues remain unresolved, AFEC has a record of team members delivering projects where others have failed.


We can audit the project, provide advisory services, join the team, get resolutions or engage in a complete take-over for a successful project recovery.  In the case of the appointment of Receivers over property assets we can provide advice and technical input to assist the Receiver in reaching their short and long term goals which may include short term sale, demolition, or full or phased completion in order to bring the assets to market.


From experience, we understand that each case is different and the decision on how best to proceed should only be taken following proper technical, legal and property agency input. Scott Murphy can provide a suite of technical due diligence, consultancy and project services, which include the following:

  •  Statutory applications
  •  Certification of compliance
  •  Hand-over management
  •  Statutory compliance review
  •  Formation of a recovery plan
  •  Incumbent project team audits
  •  Condition survey and building defect analysis
  •  Initial high level review and project evaluation
  •  Applications to local authority for taking charge
  •  Liaising with insurance risk assessors and formation of site security plan
  •  Appointment of project team and Project Management of completion works
  •  Independent Monitoring of completion or remedial works (Where original team are re-appointed)