Fire Safety Certificates


Applying for a Fire Safety Cert?


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AFEC engage with the local authorities to discuss any issues relating to you Fire Safety Certificate at a licensing application stage. We will gain an understanding of any fire related issues likely to obstruct your licensing application and assess & rectify fire safety design issues.

Under the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2008, as part of the Dance License and Exemptions Applications at the annual licensing court, a Fire Safety Engineer must provide confirmation that the building complies with the current Building Regulations (Part B Fire) or the relevant granted Fire Safety Certificate.

AFEC can also act for clients in disputes in relation to building regulation compliance and fire safety issues. We also act in this capacity for local authorities.

Dangerous Substance License

Under the Dangerous Substances Act 1972 a Dangerous Substance License is required in order to operate a Petroleum Station. AFEC can provide the necessary engineering required to obtain this Dangerous Substance License.