Fire damage is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a property. It can literally destroy years of hard work and thousands of Euro’s worth of valuable possessions within minutes.
While it may seem hopeless after a fire engulfs your premises, keep in mind that, it is possible to renovate rebuild or restore your property to its original state.
However, to determine whether this possible, it is necessary to perform a fire damage assessment to determine the extent of the damage.

AFEC Provides a Fire Damage Assessment & Project Management Service

Our aim is to ensure occupants of the building are safe and that businesses can operate within the law and in a safe environment.
Our Fire Engineers conduct assessments, identifying by category of building type i.e. Healthcare premises, Assembly & Recreation, Office, Retail, Sleeping Accommodation, Residential, Residential Institutional, Transport Premises & Facilities etc.. the level of risk and how the risk is managed. It also identifies who is at risk and where the risk persists.
Our reports are practical and the measures which we outline achievable allowing a measurable reduction in the fire risk to the occupants and building premises overall risk. A fire risk assessment is an organised and methodical look at your premises, the
activities carried on there and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises.