Fire Safety Management & Pre-Fire Planning
Determine provision and adequacy of:
Emergency lighting, exit signage, escape routes, exit width and protection, exit ironmongery hold-open devices and closures, fire extinguishers, fire ratings including to dampers and structural elements (beams, floors and columns), fire doors and fire shutters, detection and alarm systems (including raised floor and service void requirements), fire fighting shafts & ventilation provisions, sprinkler systems, smoke control systems, surface linings and cladding systems.

Pre-Fire Planning

For certain building types such as residential care facilities such as Hospitals, Day Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Local Fire Authorities are now requiring Pre-Fire Planning drawings to be submitted to them by premises occupiers (management).
This vital information gives the fire brigade (operational) the information critical to them on arriving to an incident such as the access routes, fire hydrant positions, provision of protected corridors etc,
AFEC produce these drawings and liaises with the local fire authority to ensure they are satisfied with the information.