Fire Protection System Design

AFEC will engineer a fire protection system design that will ensure end to end structure and plan using best practice methodology that adheres to up to date and future code compliance.

AFEC keep it simple, keep it logical, consider all variables, and remember the person who has to use the system during an emergency. Contact AFEC today and ask us how we can create or enhance your current fire protection system.

What are the aspects of good Fire Protection System Design?

The main design characteristics of fire protection system design to ensure fire safety are:

  • Prevention: Controlling ignition and fuel sources so that fires do not start.
    Communications: If ignition occurs, ensuring occupants are informed and any active firesystems are triggered.
  • Escape: Ensuring that occupants of buildings and surrounding areas are able to move to places of safety.
  • Containment: Fire should be contained to the smallest possible area, limiting the amount of property likely to be damaged and the threat to life safety.
  • Extinguishment: Ensuring that fire can be extinguished quickly and with minimum consequential damage.