Fire Safety Cert


A Fire Safety Certificate is a document issued by the Building Control Authority which states that the works in a building (to which the application relates) go in accordance with the plans and specifications to the official Building Regulations 1997 requirements. And if you are still confused and have some of questions to ask on whether this certificate applies to your business, how and when to obtain it etc. – here are the eight most common questions and answers below.


Who Is This Fire Safety Certificate For?

Not sure if your development requires the Fire Safety Certificate?

If you work in connection with the material alteration of a day centre, a building containing a flat, a hotel, hostel or guest building, an institutional building, a place of assembly or a shopping centre – you may need to obtain the Fire Safety Certificate as soon as possible. Even if you want to open a shop, office or industrial building area within the building or sub-divide the space in more units, this certificate is necessary.



How Do I Know That I Don’t Need This Certificate?

There are several types of buildings that are exempt from the requirement for the Fire Safety Certificate in Dublin, including single storey agricultural buildings, ones that are used as dwellings other than a flat, single storey domestic garages, building ancillary used for recreational or storage purposes or works by a Building Control Authority or a Garda station, courthouse and government building. Call us for further information on whether your building is exempt.


What Do I Need To Do To Obtain The Fire Safety Certificate?

You’ll need to submit it to the Building Control Authority along with the needed documentation. You may be asked to provide additional information,. A decision on the application should come within two months after submitting it.



What Should I Submit In My Fire Safety Certificate Application?

First, you will need to download Application Form – you can get it here. Relevant drawing will need to be submitted (in duplicate), as well as a fire safety report and a coverage of the appropriate fee. When it comes to the fire safety report, this application should demonstrate that your development complies to the building regulations which are being used in the fire safety design of the building.



Who Do I Assign To Prepare The Fire Safety Application?

It is best that this is done by professionals. Usually the application is made by fire safety consultants, architects or engineers. AFEC will assists you throughout the process


Will I Receive A Full Inspection And Certification Of My Building When It’s Finished?

A full inspection is required prior to the certification process


Should I Wait For My Planning Permission Before I Apply For The Fire Safety Certificate?

You can apply for both at the same time, however many people wait to see the planning permission granted before applying for a Fire Safety Certificate in Dublin – mostly because of any possible alterations to the plans. AFEC will work with you to ensure that you plans meet fire certificate specifications before submitting for planning permission


What Happens If I neglect to apply And Move On With Building Anyway?

Building without a fire safety certificate is a great risk against prosecution under the building control legislation acts. On top of that, buildings without a fire safety certificate are more difficult to sell – and their owners may run into many difficulties when renewing their license.


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