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AN APARTMENT BLOCK that had to be evacuated due to fire concerns has been given the green light to be occupied again. In November 2013, an instruction was given by the Meath Fire Officer to vacate the top 10 apartments of 20 duplexes at Kentwood Court. This was due to the fact that the building had never held a fire certificate. Last week, Meath County Council said the apartments could be occupied again.


The block of apartments were previously owned and developed by Vicarage Green in 2006. Vicarage Greene later went into receivership.

However, the block did not have a fire certificate – the bottom 10 apartments were compliant but the top 10 apartments did not comply with legislative fire safety regulations.

The application for the fire certificate had been refused as it did not comply with requirements under the Building Regulations 1997.

The new owners set out to correct the various issues with the site. They engaged AFEC Engineering Dublin who worked with the Local Authority on ensuring that all fire safety works required were completed.

David Ahearne Project Manager AFEC, said that they were tasked with the challenge of ensuring all regulations in relation to fire safety were securely met whilst ensuring the end product was a great space to live in.

The apartments were refurbished, and AFEC said was ensured that insulation standards and the building works achieved best practice.

The first release of six apartments was launched on Monday, 27 October. All units were rented on the open day. A second release is planned next week of a further five apartments, with the remaining apartments being released in the following weeks.