Harcourt Building
Technical Analysis and Building Infrastructure Analysis

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An iconic building at the heart of Dublin’s commercial district, The Harcourt Building is a dazzling interpretation of the spatial needs of business. Based on an exceptionally stylish and intelligent design, it demonstrates Profile Properties’ groundbreaking approach to commercial property development – giving office environments the architectural and space planning respect they deserve but too rarely get. Testament to the success of The Harcourt Building is the fact that it is now home to the Irish headquarters of five of the leading financial companies in the world.

The arresting façade consists almost entirely of green tinted glass. A spectacular glazed atrium, designed in a quadrant shape, rises 23 metres above the central concourse allowing light to spill onto the natural limestone floors below. Six storeys of bright, pillarless officce space, and a recessed penthouse with wrap-around balcony, show the architecture combining a formal elegance with an imposing strength. Natural stone steps, featuring satin stainless steel handrails, pass under a stone colonnade to the main entrance and concourse. The futuristic elevators are approached via a glass bridge, and rise from the basement level through a beautiful still water feature. They are believed to be the only entirely glass elevators in Europe. They also have an arti€cial intelligence security feature whereby outside office hours they can only be activated by a swipe card that automatically sends the elevator to the correct floor. All common areas and facilities are finished to a luxury-hotel standard, seen in the solid walnut doors and the Philippe Starck basins and lettings in the bathrooms. With or without its dramatic nighttime floodlighting, this impressive building is an outstanding addition to Dublin city centre’s built environment.

AFEC International have supported the Harcourt Building with ongoing technical analysis and building infrastructure analysis. We have conducted on going peer reviews to ensure the buildings infrastructure and management procedures are maintained to the highest level for this iconic piece of Dublin’s built office Infrastructure.