AFEC has a solid reputation in the commercial office sector, delivering a combination of world class space for clients such as IBM and TESCO.

Our people understand the language and different criteria for working for developers and corporates and more and more of our clients see the benefit of combining our core skills of programme and project management, cost consultancy, management, and design process management.

Our people are not only experts at knowing how to deliver complex building projects, they also understand how to deliver complex office rationalisation programmes and how best to maximise the utilisation of the property asset and the improvement in the workplace.  Because we are able to provide every service in-house our clients benefit from our ability to save them money as well as deliver them efficient and effective new property assets.

Because we have this unique blend of consultancy and construction skills in-house we have been able to develop for a number of clients new ways of delivering their projects which have brought significant business benefits to them such as faster speed to market or saving them money and improving their business case or development appraisal. Clients such as British Land see the benefits of breaking down some of these traditional barriers and AFEC is uniquely placed to realise their ambitions.