Public sector workplaces are undergoing a transition. There are changing work styles, technologies and evolving work cultures that need to be addressed to ultimately deliver solutions that are flexible, space efficient and sustainable. The challenge of providing a nurturing and efficient workplace against a tighter public purse means new and innovative thinking is more valuable than ever.

AFEC has an extensive track record in delivering projects in the public sector. We combine our understanding of councils’ priorities with the very best of commercial values and practices. As part of our vision of an integrated service, our public sector clients are able to take advantage of a one-stop offer combining effective management of the design, construction and development process, with opportunities for organisational change, new ways of working and improved asset utilisation.

AFEC is delivering work through scores of local authority frameworks, delivering real value for money and improved efficiency on everything from police bases and council offices to new schools and more. Whether the project involves delivery of a single office building or the strategic rationalisation of an entire estate, we have a wealth of experience in managing the delivery of such environments. We can take a project from inception through construction to completion and the ongoing management of the facilities.