Shangrai La Con Dao Island
Design & Construction

Project details



AFEC International designed project managed and delivered this successful Vietnamese get away in the secluded tropical Island of Con Dao.

Shangri-la Resort is a low-impact eco-friendly scheme that grows from the forestry environment, and will be a world class attraction for Con Dao. It will have an emphasis on being at-one with nature with the accommodation units being scattered within the forest but with views over the sea. Pathways will wander through the forest with only the minor scrub being cleared and all the trees being retained.

 The Con Dao Islands are an archipelago of 15 islands situated in the South China Sea, around 250 kilometers, or a 25-minute flight, from Ho Chi Minh City. Con Dao National Park, one of the country’s top six biodiversity hotspots for both land and sea, contains thousands of plant and animal species, and provides a range of eco-tourism options Con Dao National Park is considered one of the best examples of marine conservation in Vietnam, complete with regulations to limit destructive fishing activities, and is a model for marine conservation throughout the country.

 Natural Features at Shangri-la include:

 • Secluded Island Beach

• Virgin Forests

• Mountain Backdrop

• Variable Terrain

• Dramatic Boulders

• Biodiversity and wildlife including black tail squirrels, sea turtles, tropical birds and monkeys 

 • 7.75 Hectares of virgin forest and beaches dotted with 51 hotel bungalows and hotel suites.

• Some hotel bungalows will be grouped in small clusters that create intimate enclaves while allowing for utmost privacy.

• Central facilities include restaurant, bar, and pool overlooking the ocean.

• Boathouse and gym.

• Walking trails and wandering pathways through site provide a sense of discovery.

• Footprint of up to 3,875sqm (5% of site area) and total gross floor area under 8,000 sqm.