Risk Engineering

AFEC are Industry leaders in Risk management, project engineering/management services and technical  operation Risk Engineering Solutions. Contact us today for Further Information on How we can help your Business manage risk


  • Risk identification and quantification,
  • Development of risk engineering based loss prevention/mitigation solutions
  • The creation of improvement specifications and project supervision in all aspects of property risk including fire protection and control, explosion prevention and control, flood and  spill mitigation plus mechanical and electrical equipment hazards etc.


AFEC’s chartered Engineers have extensive experience in loss prevention engineering and research and many of our employees have worked as auditors for FM Global allowing AFEC to develop solutions based on data and processes developed by major engineering institutions.

AFEC believes that good engineering and risk management can help companies reduce both the frequency and value of losses. We support this belief with a loss prevention field engineering and reporting service for their clients. This service together with our research, development and approval activities have lead to the AFEC acting as maket leader in risk engineering and associated fields of fire engineering.

AFEC work across the standards published and create a tailored solution for each facilities specific needs depending on location and governing authorities or insurance requirements.

Based on their extensive experience accumulated in over 30 years AFEC has a vast body of knowledge in all aspects of industrial property hazards. These hazards include fire, explosion, mechanical and electrical breakdown exposures and natural hazards such as flood, earthquake etc. This knowledge and our continuous training programmes allowed the engineers develop solutions for clients that reflected their needs and catered for unique and unusual hazards. In addition this knowledge base was used to adapt solutions as industry changes.

AFEC field services include


  • engineering services


  • visiting client sites


  •  identifying their exposures


  • quantifying these exposures and developing solutions that were both effective and economic. This work involves a deep technical knowledge of the hazards which expose industry particular to fire, explosions, natural hazards and machinery breakdown. This work includes quantifying these as financial risks and developing engineering solutions that control or eliminate them including a deep understanding of fire protection systems. When these solutions are implemented AFEC work with the client to ensure the solution actually reduces or eliminates the exposure.


AFEC have experience across Ireland, Mainland Europe the UK and currently are supporting our clients in the USA and Asia.