AFEC Provide Unique Services to Pharma, Power and Mission Critical Infrastructure Projects

AFEC’s risk engineering capabilities are recognised worldwide, and are regularly used by leading equipment manufacturers, underwriters and advisers in the insurance market.
AFEC Provide Unique Services to Pharma, Power and Mission Critical Infrastructure Projects

  • DSEAR / ATEX Assessments for sites managing explosive atmospheres.
  • Automatic Suppression Design.
  • Suppression Design Compliance in accordance with all local and international codes BS, NFPA, FM, ISO and China’s GB codes
  • Insurance Risk Assessments in line with FM Global & Major Insurance providers expectations.
  • Risk Engineering for specialist manufacturing, pharmaceutical process mining and power industry.



AFEC Fire Engineers




Eamonn O Sullivan

Eamonn spent 23 years working with FM Global acrosss Ireland Europe USA and Asia, later he became FM globals Irish Resident Engineer Eamonn specialises in property risk analysis including fire, explosions and natural hazard evaluation, development of protection and mitigation solutions plus working with clients to implement those solutions. His extensive knowledge and experience in risk engineering and particularly in developing specialist fire protection solutions enables him to provide clients with focused and cost effective advice tailored to their specific needs.


Michael Ahearne

Michael has 20 years experience in specialist fire engineering solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry Power Stations and Mission Critical Infrastructure Projects, Michael adopts international fire engineering principles to solve complex areas of non compliance on high value facilities always ensuring to meet the client schedule goals. Michael has experience across the Middle East Asia and Europe and adopts best practice international standards.